Published Articles


September/October 2012
October in the Dark and Bloody Ground

by Thomas M. Black pg. 74-76

July/August 2012
CLA Auction 2012
by Eric Van Alstine pg. 40-46

May/June 2012
The Missouri Boys
by Eric Van Alstine pg. 53-56

January/February 2012
Prime Possibles
Product Review - Ladle pg. 8-9

November/December 2011
Prime Possibles
Product Review - Pliers pg. 7

January/February 2011
Prime Possibles
Product Review - Ball Puller/Tow Worm pg.7

July/August 2010
Prime Possibles
Product Review - Multitool pg.6

November/December 2009
Prime Possibles
Product Review - Bagmold pg.8

Muzzle Blasts

August 2012
Tools & Bag on Cover
The 16th Annual Contemporary Longrifle Association Show and Fund Raising Auction
by T.C. Albert pg. 62-66

January 2010
A Missouri Winter Woodswalk
by Harris Maupin- pg.55-56

Gun Week

November 1, 2010
Vol.45, Issue 1980
Shooting muzzleloaders on the cheap
by Mike Nesbitt-pg. 9

On the Trail

June/July 2012
Running Ball
by Chuck Casada pg.7-10

February/March 2011
Volume 18 No.1
Save Illinois History - Rifle
Built by Larry Callahan-pg.41

February/March 2010
Volume 17 No.1
In Review
Accoutrements by Larry Callahan-pg.46

American Tradition


July 2012
Porcupine Quillwork
by Mark Sage pg. 4-21 - Zach Callahan quillwork

July 2012
The Contemporary Longrifle Association 2012 Fund Raising Auction
by H. David Wright pg. 54-60


The Honorable Company of Horners

July 2010
The Horn Book
Save Illinois History - Rifle
Accoutrements donated by Larry & Zach Callahan-pg. 8-9